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  • You will have a dedicated case manager to coordinate all aspects of your case

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Patrick Hall

The staff is thoroughly knowledgeable about disability claims. I was very nervous but the staff always put my mind at ease. ANY paperwork, letters, requests etc from Social Security should all …

George Gomez

Nice offices and staff

Jessica Baker Trotter

They helped me win my disability case quickly and with ease after my initial denial. They were always helpful and thorough with everything!


The complete process was explained in the beginning and it went exactly how it was explained. No surprises. Everyone I spoke to was professional and easy to talk to. I …

Roach Roacharito

Glen Decuir

they took care of mine in a fast timely matter. great job and thanks

derrick george sr.

Derrick George Sr.

They was always there when i needed answers.

cathy scoggins

I hired Marc Whitehead & Associates about a year and a half ago. They were very professional, and courteous. Whenever I had any questions or concerns they were ready to …

Rebecca Stuckey

I'm forever grateful for the fantastic job y'all done for my SSI case! Very responsive staff.

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