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  • No travel to our office necessary
  • No money upfront – we don’t get paid unless you do
  • We build as strong a case as possible for a favorable outcome
  • We work closely with your doctors
  • We gather all needed evidence
  • We solicit the opinions of medical and vocational experts
  • You will have a dedicated case manager to coordinate all aspects of your case

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Greg Degeyter

Jonathan Mallard

Just started with Marc Whitehead and Associates as a VA disability client. I must say ask for Sarah White for VA intake she is professional and very kind. Best customer …

Day Dream'n

I got their number from online because they were rated the highest. The young lady I spoke with was nice, but unfortunately wasn't able to assist me. The issue I …

Sammy Clark

justin laque

Marc whitehead & associates helped me with my VA claim. They have great customer service. They always answered my calls and email. They went above and beyond for me. Thank …

Cedric Fowler

Great place for family

Mryoshi Holden

Very knowledgeable and patient with me over the phone. Look forward to working with them. I have been really sick.

Rodney Thompson

This company was such a blessing to me and my family, they were there for us when we needed help the most. Very caring and helpful with all of the …

Josefina Robbins

Good job at first with my ltd, not a good job on the in between reviews, benefits get cut off I go without pay no explanations I am not able …

Port Gibson

Jonathan, Marc and their crew took away all of the pain regarding my Social Security application. I was able to get my notice of award the first time through. Thank you …

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