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Cheryl Cirus

I'm hoping that ya'll can still take my case.I need help.


I would highly recommend Marc Whitehead and team . Worked with Frank Parigi. I was denied the first time for disability. The second time I hired Frank to refile. I …

Joe G

I was denied VA disability benefits. Fought with the VA for several years and felt like I was stuck in mud . I all but gave up hope until I …

Joyce James

Gave great advice re SSD for granddaughter


I contacted the firm and spoke with Marilyn in 2013 after the VA denied my claim. They walked me through these last 7 years and the attorney, Brittany, who accompanied …

Sonia Leal

Thank you so much for everything I appreciate everything very happy with results on my case


Anthony Vessel was an excellent attorney whom understood my healthcare during my process for disability benefits. It was lengthy time but at the end was well worth it.

Alfred Ortiz

When I first applied for SSDI in July I was declined in October but I know and felt that I should have been approved. I needed legal help. When I read the …

Sonia Leal

Thank you so much for everything

Marti Reed

I can’t express enough my gratitude to Marc Whitehead & Assoc. I felt defeated after my long term disability claim was denied. After watching one of Mr. Whitehead’s video’s explaining …

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